Saturday, February 23, 2008

Preschooler Games

I thought it might be helpful for my readers (both of you!) if I shared some of the games that Dada and I play together.

1. Let's Make a Mess
Includes snipping paper into tiny bits all over the floor; toy-scattering, and wet-paintbrush-waving. Can be used as a sort of overlay for other games and activities.

2. Fun With Fluids
Also known as Wipe Hands On Mom. Materials used for this game include snot, sand (not technically a fluid), mud, anything sticky. Also a great overlay for painting activity.

3. Let's Drive Mommy Insane
Another overlay. Includes activities like Endless Annoying Chanting, Annoying Nicknames For Mommy (the worst was Puppy, which for some reason I loathed) and Who Needs English When You Communicate By Pointing and Squawking.

This one can be a timed event.

4. I Want. Great for shopping trips.

5. Let's Humiliate Mom In Public.
A favorite tactic is to select a carpeted area at the mall, throw oneself onto the floor and wave our legs in the air so as to display panties prominently while saying, "Look, Mommy, here's a little baby who wants [fill in what the child wants here]." Bonus points for doing this in a high-traffic area.

6. I'm Nekkid, Wheee!!
Related activity: I'm nekkid and covered with sand/sidewalk chalk/paint/food.

7. Boss Mommy Around.
Behave like a 3-foot-tall tyrant of the theatre as you tell Mommy or Daddy exactly where to stand, what to say and how to say it. Claim that this is really a game of reenacting a Superwhy episode.

8. Let's Get Crumbs in Mommy and Daddy's Bed
Other locations include the couch and the car. And any computer keyboard.

9. Annoy The Dog

10. Annoy The Cat
Less popular now that the cat his demonstrated her ability to terminate the game by "accidentally" clawing the child. Stupid cat.


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