Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gratitude List

I've learned a great way of putting life into perspective, which is to make a gratitude list. Here's mine:

1. I'm grateful that my little darling girl can still be persuaded to eat vegetables, provided that I remember to make the rice using V-8 juice along with the water. Plus she still will eat wasabi peas. Sometimes edamame. And she demands that I let her use enough salt on them to de-ice the entire driveway, assuming we ever got that much ice. But still, it's a vegie. Technically.

2. I'm grateful that my neighbor didn't catch me laughing snidely at his little dog, who usually likes to do stuff like crap in our driveway in order to piss off our dogs when they're locked inside. Only Lucy was outside and all she had to do give Benito A Look and zip! he was gone.

The last time they tangled, Lucy had him on his back and was telling him all about how she was gonna eat his entrails and barf them back up in his face. I intervened and the neighbor was all, yeah, he's pretty obnoxious, he had it comin'.

3. I'm grateful that ragweed season is especially hellish this year, so that the cool early mornings--so perfect for sitting on the porch--are also enough to make me claw frantically at my eyeballs and clutch my sinuses in agony and ... wait, what exactly am I grateful for? I forget.

4. I'm grateful that my sweet baby girl refuses to wear clothes because it really makes it simple to do laundry. Except when she decides to take all her clothes out of the drawers to play fashion show--tying them around her waist and head, mostly, leaving most of her bits still enjoying the breeze--and then drag them around on the floor

Aw, who am I kidding.


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