Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother's Day, Looking Better

Last year I complained about Mother's Day being a drag for the nominal honorees: crowded restaurants, cranky kids at same, blah blah blah. This year was better because we eliminated the restaurant part.

See, my mom's in Mexico with her Young Man, who takes her nice places,and we stayed here and I had biscuits and gravy prepared by my own personal Young Man. Plus, he said I could call him Pool Boy all day, as in "Dance, Pool Boy, Dance." Which was fun, too.

Lunch was less fun, as we had it at Costco: a quarter-pound hotdog at Costco, with mustard! Whoo hooo. Plus, I had to tell Pool Boy to go get me some flowers, dammit. Like, now. And hand him my Costco card.

Heh. Anyway, we go celebrate my own personal mom next weekend at her lake house. Where I intend to spend my time laying about calling, refill my drink, Pool Boy! And dance, while you're at it! You hear me? Dance!!

The worst part? I had a hideous migraine yesterday, almost certainly caused by the champagne in my mandatory Mom's Day Mimosa. Dammit. It was Piper-Heidseik! That's some seriously tasty (and not cheap) stuff.

Pool boy was out of town but managed to line up a babysitter before he left (thank God for the neighborhood kids) so that I could sleep off the drugs, which eliminated the nausea but not the actual pain.

Still, a very nice mother's day, especially now that I've lowered my expectations appropriately.


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