Monday, March 26, 2007

Austin Weird Watch, Athletic Division

Go, me! Finished the Cap 10K and I'm only moderately sore. Moderately.

The Cap 10K is a pretty fun race, especially since it doesn't matter if you decide to actually mosey around the course, which is what I did with my friends. And since 16,000+ people were there, made life easier. Hard to have a competitive time if you wait 15 minutes for the port-a-potty. Plus a leisurely pace makes it easier to snap pictures of the costumes, bands and assorted well-wishers. (The costumes, by the way, were on the runners, not the spectators. Austin is the kind of town where there were several people wearing giant guitar costumes.)

My favorite spectators were the ones who were seated in lawn chairs and drinking heavily while cheering. Some were friends of Joanna's, so we stopped by and had mimosas and breakfast tacos. They were fun, cheering for everyone including the cops, volunteers, late finishers and some guys on a golf cart ("Yay, Lazy People!! Whooohooo!") I'm quite proud that our group finished ahead of Sid, a 96-year-old guy who was flagging a bit, but still cheerful as he finished with his arms around the shoulders of friends.

Oh, and the soreness (she said, defensively) is primarily in my feet, since I didn't think to buy new shoes until a day or two ahead. And my calves, a little.


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