Saturday, February 17, 2007

Horseman of the Week: Pestilence

Sunday: Nasty headache
Monday: Nasty headache but now with migraine features! Nausea and vomiting, light sensitivity, the works.

Plus, I couldn't take my (sedating) meds before going to pick up SweetBabyGirl at school, where they had their Valentine's Day party at school. Thus got to enjoy sitting on an undersized chair, knees up to armpit level, turning greenish while the kids and the moms enjoyed ice cream, candy, brownies and (shudder) a sour-apple sucker, with a strikingly nasty-sweet smell. That my darling girl really really wanted to share with me. Here's the moment:

SBG: It a lollypop! It green! I share with you!
POM: No, thanks, sweetie, you can enjoy it all by yourself.
SBG: No! I share with you! [Waves it under POM's nose.]
POM: No, thanks, really.
[Lather, rinse, repeat.]

Tuesday: Mild fogged head from meds hangover, cold coming on with scratchy throat. Headache returns mid-afternoon, meds effective.

Wednesday: More fog. Mild headache. Cold worse.

Thursday: Cold worse still, voice very gravely. SBG experiencing same.

Friday: Bad cold. SBG worse still, vomits on POM. Doctor says, it's a cold, push fluids, take Tylenol, NEXT! Lots of Clifford-the-Big-Red-Dog watching.

Actual Dialog:
Hubbie: I'm comin down with something, I feel lousy.
POM: Oh no you're not. You'll just have to make other arrangements.

Saturday: Around 1 am, POM coughing and can't sleep, takes codeine cough syrup, sleeps as if dead. Nevertheless awakened (from a disturbing dream involving multiple dogs killing all our chickens, plus a talking squirrel) by crying child, who desires to 1. eat something 2. drink soda and 3. watch Clifford.

Dissuade child re. all of the above, citing hour of 3 am; get her settled and POM about to sneak from the sweetly sleeping child's room when WHAM! SBG wakes up crying and vomiting. Can't find bucket in time. Get child out of barfy PJs, heartlessly wake up Hubby and get him to comfort miserable child. Clean up vomit, put bedding in washer. More comforting, child asleep by 4:30 ish.

Saturday, 7:00 am: wake up, unable to sleep with headache, which is now medium-nasty but not featuring nausea. Preparing to take a long, steamy sauna when child, against all probablity, wakes up alert and cheerful, requesting Clifford. Curse.


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