Monday, February 05, 2007


Just some brief observations about life Chez Pissed-Off Mom:

1. I want to re-name our rooster Shut Up Stanley. Because, dude. We get it. Now shut up. I think the hens will support me on this one.

2. I'm apparently helpless to fight the vagaries of sun and clouds. First of January, we had sunny weather and I'm optimistic, even to the point of thinking the soldiers might start coming home from Iraq. Clouds roll in, then the "surge" thing and the State of the Union has me feeling gloomy. Clouds go away, and I'm singing along with the radio.

Note to self, avoid moving to Seattle, Scotland, Finland or the like.

3. Why, why, why must my adorable child be so mysteriously inclined to wake up early on weekends and drag out of bed late on school days?


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