Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday, Monday, part 2

The last couple of Mondays have been a big improvement, not that it took much.

Martin Luther King Day: After a weekend of torrential rain, the weather turned cold. Like, fucking cold, below freezing for days. And with freezing rain, ice, sleet and snow. Zowie.

So we're all stuck at home, me with Sweet Baby Girl and Hubby because his office has no internet and the FreeWiFi Coffeeshop and Alternate Office has piss-poor heat. SBG's favorite game is this one: get Mommy to carry me outside so I can break off an icicle and eat it, occasionally pressing the ice to Mommy's neck so I can hear her squawk.

Public schools were cancelled for two days (and thus MDO was also cancelled) and then started late on Thursday with a 2-hour delay, even though there was still ice on bridges and overpasses. Like, an inch of ice. So everyone is going back to work, taking their kids to school, and heaving a big sigh of relief that they can get out of the house. (Icy weather is quite rare around these parts, so people stay in.) On that same day, the City, in its infinite wisdom, closed all of the highway flyovers that ordinarily have heavy traffic and sanded low-traffic flyovers and the various bridges around town. Why, you ask, not sand the heavy-traffic overpasses? Because if they did, then lots of people would drive on them and then they would have wrecks.

Can you picture the gigantic snarl, the monumental clusterfuck that was traffic on the surface streets?

So I didn't take Sweet Baby Girl to school, seeing as how it could have taken a couple of hours.

So, no school for a week.

Can you imagine how delighted I was that yesterday was Monday and the day, while cloudy and cold, featured no icy roads?

And speaking of being delighted, we've been stunned to see that Lucy, the dog with the inoperable tumor, has responded to the steroids and opiates. She feels great. (Less delightful: she pees all over--bad drug combo for that. She also got up on the table--with all four feet, quite a feat for a basset hound--last night for the first time in weeks, so she's feelin' pretty darn good.)

I hope it lasts, the reasonably decent weather and the happy doggie.


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