Monday, October 30, 2006


I just want to say that I've earned some kind of Mom Merit Badge today for patience. How, you ask? Here's the scene: we're home after her Halloween party at school. She's been eating a LOT of sugar and having a lot of fun, so she's tired and a little wound up but not yet cranky. I can see that I have a window. We watch a few cartoons, then read a book and go upstairs for Quiet Time. We sit on her bed and I read her two more books, per the ritual, then...

Pissed-Off Mom: Ok, honey, I'm going to my room to lie down.
SweetBabyGirl: I go with you.
POM: No, you stay here and rest for a while, then I'll come get you.
SBG: [tears gathering] NO! I DON'T WANNA! I want to watch Clifford...
POM: You can watch Clifford after Quiet Time.
SBG: [suspiciously] After Quiet Time?
POM: Yes! If you let me go lie down without a lot of fuss, we'll watch Clifford.
[POM heads for the door, SBG follows]
POM: [puzzled] Ok, you stay here and rest.
SBG: I watch Clifford.
POM: After Quiet Time.
SBG: [nodding] I watch Clifford now. With Mommy.
POM: After Quiet Time.
SBG: [upset] Stay with me!
POM: No, sweetie, I'm going to go lie down.
SBG: Stay with me.
POM: I'm going to rest. You stay here. Then we'll watch Clifford. Ok?
SBG: Ok. I go with you. Watch Clifford.

Seriously, it was just like the scene in Holy Grail when the Tracts-Of-Land guy is trying to get the guards to stay and guard the prince and they keep misunderstanding him.

We got it straightened out eventually, and then, on the baby monitor, I got to hear this:

SBG: [chanting] I do it. I do it. I do IT. I do IT. IdoIT. I do IT. I DO it. I DO it. I DOit.
Clifford. Clifford a dog. Clifford. Watch Clifford. Cliiiiiford.
La lalalalala. LA! LA! LA! Lalalalalala. Blah blah blah. MommyandDaddy. Moooomy and Daaaady.

Eventually, there was quiet. Hooray!


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