Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Spent a little time (naptime, aaahhhh) looking at old posts and the handful of comments. Thanks for your comments, readers, if you're still around despite the occasional lapses. I appreciate them immensely. And since there are Actual Readers out there in the Blogosphere, I thought I'd post a few updates on developments that I've mentioned in previous posts.

1. BabyGirl is potty trained! Mostly. Ok, more like 75%. And she wears a pull-up when sleeping. Postive reinforcement seems to work really well with this achievement, and Dada even praised ME for going peepee in the potty.

Lordy, I hope that's not a preview of my extreme old age.

2. I finished the 20K bike ride in the Danskin Triathalon in June. Frankly, I should have trained more and hydrated more effectively. I was wobbly at the end and possibly close to passing out or puking, though I improved rapidly after some Gatorade. My teammate Joanna, who ran the 5K run and did the 75K swim, did the heavy lifting and made it look easy, too. Our compadre Sherry did all three, and finished in an impressively short time.

I made a mental note to tell the Danskin people: next time, pick up the roadkill on the bike route. Please. Thanks.

3. The new house is wonderful, and 99% finished. Completion, we've been saying, is like the speed of light: you can get close but will never equal it. We've rented out our old house, too, but are still feeling broke, broke, broke.

4. Despite feeling completely broke, we're still looking into gymnastics class for BabyGirl--she absolutely loves jumpipng off of things and being upside-down and it seems a good idea to get her some training on how to land. We've sampled two classes and she now talks all the time about 'Nastics Class.

5. She's still cuter than your kid, too. I'd weigh in with evidence but that's too much information for a short post.

6. Smarter, too.

We're going to have to consider looking into private schools because I'm thinking that the public schools would turn her into some kind of enraged supergenius Bond villan. My father-in-law has started a college fund for her education and I think we're going to ask if we can tap into it when she's ready for school. Hey, maybe she'll get a gymnastics or academic scholarship that will pay for college.

Otherwise, more of the same, blah blah blah. Damn, it's hot.


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