Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lark's Tongues

Some kind of strangeness is going on in the culture. First of all, I see this:

The baby in the stroller on the left? Appears to be wearing a toupee. Sorry about the picture quality, but I was working fast with a cameraphone. (Also, note that my adorable child has her arm shoved in a cup of water--her raisins were too dry, it seems.)

And then, over at Mr. Nice Guy's blog, he has a link to this:

Toupees. For infants.

You know, a friend and I were going to start a website called Lark's Tongues where we would chronicle the decline of our culture into the sort of decadence that led to the fall of the Roman empire (Lark's Tongues being the insanely decadent dish enjoyed by the Roman elites while the poor starved between government-provided bread-and-circus treats). Assuming we ever find some spare time (ha! with three kids between us) we should get that site up and running, because there is clearly no shortage of material to work with.

Also, I just want to point out that this post is my first to actually include an image. Yay! Go, me! Who knows, maybe I'll get links working, too.


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