Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

TGIM: Sweet Baby Girl's first day back at Mother's Day Out. It was supposed to be a chance for me to relax after the holidays and the post-holiday stuck-at-home week. Here's a quick list of what all happened:

1. Had to take the dog to the vet specialist to find out why she's limping. Vet sez, it's almost certainly a ruptured disk, we can fix it to the tune of $2500. I swallow hard, say, ok we can find the money for that.

Then I get a call: the MRI has indicated that she has an inoperable tumor. The vet convinces me that I need to go look at the MRI at his office and it's obviously bad: the normal spinal sections look like a drawing of a donut, with one circle centered inside another one. On the sections that show the tumor, the inner circle is mashed up against the side of the outer circle. In other words, her spinal cord is being pressed against the vertabrae by the tumor. Hence the limping.

Dammit. Lucy the chicken-killing, storm-fearing, screen-shredding hound is going to die. She's also a sweet dog who loves this family with all of her generous heart and I can't write about that part anymore right now.

2. Cedar season is in full flower, my nose is clogged and my head aches.

3. I go to do some laundry and toss the contents of SBG's basket into the wash only to discover that she'd had a poopy accident in her underwear, which she put in the laundry. Which, with my nose stuffed, I didn't smell. So I had to clean poopy out of the washer, run it empty with soap and bleach, and then re-wash the clothes, which still smelled shitty the next day.

I could tell the child had been eating lotsa pistacios.

4. I go to pick up the child at Mother's Day Out and she doesn't want to leave.


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