Tuesday, February 19, 2008


By which I mean, other people's, not mine.

Namely, what's up with all the road rage lately? Driving home from Houston on Saturday I was beset by three different guys driving BFPs (Big Fucking Pickups), all of whom attempted to intimidate me by tailgating. One guy flashed his highbeams. As we say in blogland, WTF??

And, no, I was not driving slow in the fast lane, far from it: in each case I was driving slower than the rest of traffic because the cars in front of me were going slow, too. So, picture it: I'm driving on I-10 in intermittent rain, occasionally find that there's a big, slow truck in the right lane and I move to the left only to find somebody going the same speed as the truck. Rolling roadblock ensues and I generally wait for slow-left-hand-lane guy to make his poky way around the slower truck, move to the right, and then voila, roadblock's cleared. But no, instead, some dickhead in his BFP feels compelled to tailgate in that situation. Dude, you're up high. You can see that there's another car in front of me. So back off, already.

But he doesn't. Instead, I get treated to tailgating so that my entire back window is filled with a view of his grille. Sometimes, I get a chance to move to the right and I can see his face with his lips pulled back in a snarl.

So for a while there on I-10, there were three black BFPs leapfrogging down I-10, taking turns driving right on my back bumper. We're all traveling at about the same speed and nobody wants to back down.

When people try to intimidate me, my usual response is to get very tense and quiet and stubborn. But in this situation I wasn't sure what to do. Luckily, my own SweetBabyGirl solved everything by saying, I'm hungry, I want lunch. So we pulled over, stopped at Jack in the Box and when we got back on the road it was better.

I was in a hurry to get home but realized that it's more important to get home alive, even if some dickhead gets to tell himself he's won.

And where does all this rage come from? These appeared to be middle-class, middle-aged white guys. What have they got to be pissed off about? And why do they have to put us all in danger to vent their fury?

[By the way, click on the title to this post to see a nice little video about road rage revenge.]


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