Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole Day

Apparently, yesterday was Down the Rabbit Hole Day, when bloggers are supposed to write a blog post different from all the other ones. Not that I follow blogging trends particularly (or, you know, post that often) I thought I'd give it a shot:

Reasons Why I Love My Life
See? Different.

1. I live in a place without miserable winters. Seriously, how does anybody cope with dreary weather month after month? Here in Austin, if you don't like the weather this time of year, just wait a few hours. Like today, where we had freezing rain (imagine!) last night but can expect a high today around 50F.

Not so happy about the drought, though.

2. There are still tomatoes growing in my yard! True, they take weeks to ripen this time of year, but just the other day we had a salad with a home grown tomato. Ok, a cherry tomato, but still...

Now all I have to do is be sure to keep Stella the Free-Range Outcast Chicken from eating them all.

3. We are stepping up our commitment to sustainability, with a vegie garden and chickens and all kinds of stuff. And the raised beds are made entirely with leftover, scrounged or found materials--rebar abandoned after a nearby remodeling project; leftover construction lumber; bamboo cut from the creekbed behind the house.

4. SweetBabyGirl continues to be the most adorable child ever. Allow me to elaborate: the girls at school are all into princess and pony stuff and she is, too, but she gives it her own twist--she's also been watching the Star Wars movies with her dad and so the other day, when she wanted to play ponies, she wanted to be Jedi ponies with light sabers. Jedi Master Rainbow Dash battles evil! Whooo hoo!

5. Our neighbors are back in town and owe me free babysitting for feeding their cat.

6. We have a new president, one who doesn't go around saying that I (and people like me) hate America and embolden terrorists and are weak losers for thinking that it's wrong to waterboard suspected terrorists.

More seriously here, I wept while I watched the inauguration and still get teary now and then thinking about what we, as a nation, have been through and how good it feels to be hopeful again.

The other day, SBG and I (with some participation from Humphrey) were running up and down the hall upstairs, sliding in our socks. I could feel that I was using muscles I hadn't used lately. I was a little sore the next day, but it felt good, too.

Likewise, being an optimist, for a change, feels good, like I'm using muscles that haven't been worked in a long time.


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