Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sooo tired...

I used to be exhausted after a move. Packing up all that stuff, deciding what to toss and what to pack, all of that was just exhausting. But doing that with a two-year-old? Even worse.

Add to that: we moved into our beautiful new house and we didn't have full power. The builder had hooked us with a temporary connection that didn't carry enough power to run, say, the dishwasher or the washing machine, and there was no gas connection. We went around and around with the builder and the city until we got a proper connection: but it took TEN DAYS. Yes, we lived in a house without hot water or major appliances for TEN DAYS. We showered at the Y. We bathed the child at a friend's house. Dirty laundry piled up in giant middens. There was a cold snap, complete with a freeze warning, and we had NO HEAT. Good news: the house is incredibly energy-efficient and it didn't get that cold. Bad news: nobody seemed to see any urgency whatsoever in bringing proper climate control to the home of a small child.

And for two days of this, the husband was away at a conference that had been scheduled months in advance. Thank God my mom came to stay with us, because shared hardship is much easier to laugh about. And Mom is absolutely magic with the babygirl.

Oh, and my father-in-law arrived in town for the last few days of incomplete power. He's a much more high maintenance houseguest, but he had fun playing with his granddaughter. And we had a wonderful barbecue less than 24 hours after the power hookup. Because we? Are crazy.

And now it's Tuesday and I've made a dent in the laundry midden and I'm so tired I can't think. The child has yanked my chain in every possible way, all day long.

Hold me.


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