Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lessons Learned From A Stomach Bug, Part II

I wish I was writing here to note that, upon mature reflection, I have more wisdom gleaned from the Let's Everybody Barf episode, but no. Instead, I got another stomach bug, this time while visiting my mom in Houston. Lessons learned? Well...

1. If I have to be vomiting, Mom's house is a good place for it. She absolutely adores Babygirl and had a great time looking after her while I was indisposed. Also, her vast medicine cabinet has a remedy for everything, including nausea, assuming one has a good sense of timing about when to take it (and, a side note: throwing up an anti-emetic is every bit as nasty as it sounds like it is. Really.)

2. If a toddler is feeling out of sorts and doesn't want to go back to sleep at, say, midnight, few things sort out one's priorities than having one's mother vomit spectacularly. Sure, Grandma can keep an eye on you for a while, but when mom finally says, ok, I got the worst of it cleaned up, let's all go to bed, that's a great idea.

That lesson is particularly useless, by the way.

3. And most of all: providing comfort for your own child when she feels bad (as I did last week) puts one in a new spirit for appreciating the comfort from one's own mom.


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