Friday, April 21, 2006

More Rants

Ah, a few moments of free time to vent some of the built-up tension...

1. FUCK YOU, shitty drivers of Austin. Three women have been hit while riding their bicycles and two of them were KILLED. All three drivers drove away. One of them was two doors away from our house and my neighbor called to say that the passenger in the car hopped out and ran away through our yards. WHAT THE FUCK!!? What miserable excuse for a human being doesn't stop when they've done something like that?

Oh, and a fourth woman was killed on her motorcycle. Another hit-and-run.

2. CRAM IT, trail-blockers on the Town Lake Trail. You know who you are: the city-employed idiot who decided to block off huge sections of the trail for repairs (instead of doing the repairs as soon as needed, but noooo, plus who decided to decide to leave all the fucking poison ivy?) AND the idiots with strollers who walk in clumps. Ditto, joggers.

Yeah, I know, cardio-vascular health, getting the baby weight off, blah blah blah, but people, walk in single file (or two abreast) when the trail narrows. It's a hike AND BIKE trail. I'm a careful rider and I ring my bell whenever I get near anyone else on the trail--and I've had to come skidding to a halt damn near every time I've been on the trail. What about those guys, the idiots on trail bikes with messenger bags, racing around the trail as fast as they can? They don't use bells, believe me. There's gonna be a huge pile-up and the kid in the stroller, who doesn't deserve it, is going to get hurt.

Also, I'm annoyed that I was getting all cranky and righteous and saw a hand-written sign thanking strangers for help after the writer was hurt on the trail. Ok, fine, I'm grateful to not have a head wound or to need stitches, whatever. But I rely on irritation to keep my heart rate in the target zone.

3. And, what was I thinking when I agreed to participate in the Danskin Triathalon (even if it is as a team member, biking division)? It's not a huge ride, 12 miles, but right now I'm scared to ride on the streets and am all bent out of shape about the state of the trails. Rrrr... Cram it, self. At least I wasn't so nuts as to think I could all three legs--running? Swimming? And biking? All at once? Give me a few years first, just for the swimming lessons.


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